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About Us

50 Years of Excellence in Customer Support and Process Engineering

Process Sales was founded in 1964 as a Manufacturer's Representative for the Process Industries.

In 2014 Process Sales, Inc was acquired by Swanson Flo, a leader in process automation products and services throughout the Midwest. As part of the acquisition, Process Sales, Inc also added the capabilities and personnel of Valves and Automation Inc., which is a Chicago-based actuation and process control company with over 35 years of history.

Chicago facilities include 40,000 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space, with a sales office in Indianapolis, Indiana. We currently provide sales and service coverage in areas of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Eastern Iowa.

Process Sales has a reputation for building long term relationships with customers and principals and for selling the highest quality equipment and repair services available. We invite you to learn how to make use of our abilities to bring you superior products, excellent support, and complete solutions for all of your needs.