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Process Sales, Inc. Provides Service and Training Through its Affiliate: Swanson Flo Performance.

PSI SwansonFlo ServiceSwanson Flo Performance supports every process control customer with region-based, full-capability service and repair. Our factory-certified technicians provide you with a complete overhaul and repair of the control valves, actuators, and instrumentation. Equipment is fully disassembled, inspected, cleaned, reassembled, calibrated, and tested to meet factory original standards. Swanson Flo Performance utilizes only factory OEM parts to repair your equipment.

  • COMMISSIONING – To ensure that equipment performs to expected specifications
  • MECHANICAL INSPECTION – Detailed reports on the mechanical health of your valves
  • VALVE REPAIR – Returning your valves to “like new” condition
  • ONSITE REPAIR – Bringing resources and equipment to you
  • OEM PARTS – Certified original manufactured parts maintaining highest standards
  • RE-INSTRUMENTATION – Upgrading performance and equipment to meet ever-changing needs
  • SITE SURVEYS – Gathering plant data for asset management
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT – ValvKeep asset management software
  • TRAINING – Hands-on technical and practical training for you
SwansonFlo Service