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AMETEK Power Instruments

AMETEK Power Instruments' turbine engine sensors and instruments are found on nearly every major turbine generator in the world. Its power and process monitoring equipment, power quality instruments, power transducer and meters, event and transient recorders, annunciators and alarm monitors are used worldwide. Many are ISO 9001 and 9002 certified.

POWER GENERATION - AMETEK Power Instruments is a leader in the development and manufacturing of sensor systems for boilers and burners used by the utility, petrochemical, process, and marine industries worldwide.

TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION - AMETEK Power Instruments designs and manufactures a full line of power and process-monitoring equipment.

OIL AND PETROCHEMICAL - AMETEK Power Instruments' pressure transducers and transmitters are used in oil, gas and petrochemical production and distribution to operate reliably under harsh and extreme conditions.
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